Upcoming Section Meetings

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Non Section Local Events

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                    Past Section Meetings

                    Click here to see list of past meetings.

                    Super Chapter (Communications, Information Theory, Signal Processing)

                    RSS Meetings – Superchapter

                    Click here to see list of upcoming Superchapter meetings, if any.

                    Power Chapter (Power Engineering, Power Electronics)

                    RSS Meetings – Power Chapter

                    Toronto Power Chapter Meeting, 2018-Feb-26
                    Meeting in Oakville

                    Click here to see list of upcoming Power Chapter meetings, if any.

                    Life Members Affinity Group

                    RSS Meetings – Life Members

                    Click here to see list of upcoming joint Hamilton/Kitchener Life meetings, if any.

                    Women In Engineering Affinity Group

                    RSS Meetings – Women In Engineering

                    Click here to see list of upcoming Hamilton WIE meetings, if any.



                    Contact webmaster with updates.

                    (page updated 2018-Nov-03)