R700 (Region 7 - No Council)Class: Geographic SPOType: Council
R7 (Canada - Region 7)Class: Geographic SPOType: RegionURL:
WE70003 (Hamilton Section Affinity Group, WIE)Class: Organizational SPOType: AffinityURL:
LM70003 (Hamilton/Kitchener-Waterloo Jt. Sections AG, LM)Class: Organizational SPOType: AffinityURL:
YP70503 (Hamilton Section Affinity Group, YP)Class: Organizational SPOType: AffinityURL:
CH07135 (Hamilton Section Chapter, SP01/IT12/COM19)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint ChapterURL:
CH07164 (Hamilton Section Joint Chapter, PE31/PEL35)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint ChapterURL:
STB11472 (Niagara College)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB03132 (Mohawk College of Applied A And T)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student BranchURL:
CH07043 (Toronto/King/Kw/Ham/Lond Jt. Section Chap, DEI32)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint Chapter
SBC11472 (Niagara College, C16)Class: Technical SPOType: Student Branch Chapter
SBC01061 (McMaster Univ, C16)Class: Technical SPOType: Student Branch Chapter
STB01061 (McMaster Univ)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student BranchURL:
SBA03132 (Mohawk College Of Applied A And T,WIE)Class: Organizational SPOType: Affinity
SBC01061A (McMaster Univ, PE31)Class: Technical SPOType: Student Branch Chapter
SBC01061B (McMaster Univ, EMB18)Class: Technical SPOType: Student Branch Chapter

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