2021 IEEE International Humanitarian Technology Conference (IHTC 2021)


The IEEE International Humanitarian Technology Conference (IEEE IHTC) is a Multi-Regional Conference Series rotating between R7 (Canada), R8 (Africa, Europe and Middle East), and R9 (Latin America and Caribbean). 2021 is organised by volunteers from IEEE UK and Ireland Section (UK and Ireland SIGHT, UK and Ireland SSIT and SSIT IST-Africa

SIGHT) with support from Region 8, Region 7 and Region 9, SMC and Systems Council Chapters, and Technical Co-Sponsored by IEEE Africa Council.

The IEEE International Humanitarian Technology Conference (IEEE IHTC) is an interdisciplinary conference showcasing challenges, success stories, lessons learnt, case studies and technological innovation related to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ICT4D and the application of Humanitarian Technologies and facilitating engagement by stakeholders from the public, private, education and research and societal sectors around the world.


The IEEE IHTC 2021 Program incorporates a mix of plenary presentations, thematic sessions and workshops.

Plenary Speeches include

IEEE: Advancing Technology to Benefit Humanity, Susan Kathy Land, 2021 IEEE President & CEO Humanitarian Activities in Africa, Middle East and Europe, Antonio Luque, IEEE Region 8 Director (2021 – 2022) Region 7 2021 Humanitarian Activities and Future Plan, Jason Gu, IEEE Region 7 Director (2020 – 2021) Humanitarian Activities in Region 9, Alberto Sánchez, IEEE Region 9 Director Ed Palacio, Co-Chair, IEEE Joint Ad-hoc on Sustainable Development

Thematic sessions focus on sharing results related to the appropriate use of technology in the areas of Agriculture, Disaster Mitigation, Energy, Education, Healthcare, Supporting Integration of Refugees and Water and Sanitation. Authors come from R8 (France, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates); R9 (Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad and Tobogo); R7 (Canada), R10 (India, Pakistan, Singapore) and United States.

Workshops share insight into Ethical Considerations in Technology Implementation and Artificial Intelligence and A Comprehensive Approach to Rural Electrification Processes.


Fee is $100US

To register for IEEE IHTC 2021, please visit https://www.ihtc21.org.uk/registration/

For further Information, please contact

    Registration and General Queries – secretariat@ihtc21.org.uk

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